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Food Truck and Catering

Middle Eastern Food is great for catering! "Mezze" means "sharing" in Arabic, and that is how we eat: we share. Heavy on the appetizers, Skewers Mediterranean catering will make a great spread, that is full of options, impressive, balanced, tastey, healthy, fresh, and enjoyable for everyone!
​As a young company, we are figuring out all the kinks. While we still don't have catering "packages," we would love to sit down with you and talk about our options, your budget, and the perfect menu!
​We can cater any event. We can bring the truck, or just the food. We can serve you, set up a buffet, or do it family style with spreads set up on each table. We are flexible and will work with all your needs to make your event a success!

Some of the Great Food Options:

​​​Appetizers, "Mezzeh"

​​​Main Options


​- Hummus (Garbanzo Bean Dip)
​- Babaghanoush (Eggplant based creamy dip)
- Sarma (stuffed grape leaves)
- Boureg (cheese in buttery dough)
- Cauliflower in lemon garlic sauce (so popular!)
- Tabouleh (parsley-wheat salad)
- Mediterranean fries (Fresh cut potatoes tossed in herbs)
- Lebneh (a thick cheese spread)
- Kufteh (meat stuffed meatballs)
​- Soujukh (Spicy cured Sausage)

​- Shawarma (Beef and Lamb or Chicken marinated and slow cooked on an upright rotisserie)
​- Shish Kebab​ (Beef, Lamb, Chicken, or Veggie)
​- Falafel (Vegan balls)
​- Dolma (Stuffed Eggplant and Zuccini)

​with Rice - Pilaf and Mediterranean Salad

​- Pakhlava (the traditional walnut or pistachio desert)
​- Knefeh Jbneh (Sweet Cheese based desert)
​- Namoura (Semolina Pudding)​​